Financial Planning for ExxonMobil Employees

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7 Pillars:

Voya Savings Plan (401k)

Discover the Power of Your 401(k) – Voya Savings Plan

Prepare for your retirement with the Voya Savings Plan, more commonly known as your 401(k). This plan provides you with invaluable tax advantages as you pave the way for your retirement years. Just like any 401(k), the Savings Plan empowers you to save for your retirement using either pre-tax or after-tax contributions, or even a combination of both.

Tailored Advice for Optimal Savings – Your Path to a Secure Future

We work with our ExxonMobil clients to establish the appropriate savings rate across pre-tax, after-tax, and Roth contributions based on their own unique financial plan.

Optimize Your Tax Strategy – Maximizing Benefits for Your Future

By contributing to your 401(k) on a pre-tax basis, you effectively reduce your taxable income today, leading to lower current tax obligations.

Stay Ahead of the Game – Contribution Limits and Matching

Contributions limits can change year to year. Reviewing these limits along with your financial plan is optimal to maximize your benefits. Notably, ExxonMobil offers a generous 7% match on your 401(k) contributions, although this match is not tax deductible.

Growth with a Tax Advantage – A Roadmap to Prosperity

Both your contributions and the company match enjoy tax-deferred growth until you either withdraw funds or reach your required minimum distributions age. This tax-deferred approach facilitates higher compounding rates, bolstering the potential growth of your investments compared to non-401(k) avenues.

Navigating the Transition – A Secure Future Awaits

Upon reaching your minimum distributions age, mandatory distributions become a requirement for pre-tax amounts within your account, whether you choose to retain the 401(k) at Voya or transfer it to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Voya Savings Plan (401k) – Expert Insights Await

Are you harnessing the full potential of your Voya 401(k)? Discover how by scheduling a no-cost evaluation with a skilled financial advisor from WealthVisory.

ExxonMobil Voya Savings Plan (401k) Match

ExxonMobil Supports Your Retirement Journey

ExxonMobil’s commitment extends to a 7% match on your compensation, a solid step towards securing your future. Notably, this match doesn’t count against the IRS maximum.

Stay on Course – Regularly Review Your Savings Plan (401k)

Ensure your 401(k) remains aligned with your objectives by scheduling a personalized review today.

Financial Planning for ExxonMobil Employees | WealthVisory

ExxonMobil Voya Savings Plan – Investment Options

Discover Your Investment Horizons

ExxonMobil Stock – An Ownership Stake

Investing in ExxonMobil stock aligns you with the company’s growth. Direct dividends towards stock reinvestment or opt for cash.

Equity Units – Embrace the S&P 500

Equity Units mirror the S&P 500, investing in large-cap companies. This allows participants to diversify for potential growth and stability.

Extended Market Units – Uncover New Opportunities

Explore smaller companies with Extended Market Units. Mirroring the Russell 2000 index, this allows participants to invest in small and mid-cap companies.

International Equity Units – Think Globally

Diversify internationally with International Equity Units, reaching beyond U.S. borders for investment opportunities.

Bond Units – Sturdy U.S. Fixed Income

Invest in a range of U.S. bonds with Bond Units. Enhance stability and income potential.

Balanced Fund Units – Balance for Growth

Mixing equity, extended market, international, and bond units, Balanced Fund Units offer broader diversification.

Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA)

Enhance Your Tax Strategy with NUA

Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) refers to the increase between the allocated cost of ExxonMobil stock in your account and its market value during withdrawal or distribution.

Optimize Tax Efficiency

NUA opens the door to deferring taxes and potentially benefiting from capital gains tax rates, minimizing your tax liability and enhancing your account balance.

Financial Planning for ExxonMobil Employees | WealthVisory

Understanding Your Choices

Depending on the distribution type, you can capitalize on NUA differently. Make informed decisions with our expert analysis.

Financial Planning for ExxonMobil Employees | WealthVisory

ExxonMobil Pension Plan

Choices Abound for ExxonMobil’s Retirement Plan

At retirement, ExxonMobil presents several pension distribution choices, including the lump sum and monthly annuity options. The lump sum approach gives you control over investments, offering a legacy for generations to come. Some families may consider the monthly annuity option for cash flow planning.

Navigate Your Options – The Right Decision Awaits

Unsure whether the lump sum or annuity fits your needs? Access our ExxonMobil Guidebook to make an informed choice.

Financial Planning for ExxonMobil Employees | WealthVisory


For many ExxonMobil employees, RSU’s are a significant component of annual compensation and can be used as a retirement savings tool. There are some unique tax challenges with RSU’s and WealthVisory can help you plan and diversify your stock distributions in an efficient manner.